Want to join in and support our community?

The simplest way to show your support is by becoming a member of Encircle.

Encircle Membership is free and will enable your involvement at our AGM plus you will receive newsletters and invitations to events such as strategic planning and annual planning.

For more information please phone 3889 0063 or email us.

You can also apply for Encircle Membership online by completing the membership form below or click here to use a pdf

Membership Form

    Application Type: New MembershipMembership RenewalVolunteerLife MemberOrganisation/Business Rep.

    Please indicate if you have an interest in, or if you would be willing to help the Association with knowledge / experience in any field.

    Under the Privacy Act:
    Your information will be stored on a membership register and will only be used for this purpose. The register is also available to other members upon request.
    If you do not want your details available to other members please indicate below or advise centre:
    Make my details available for other members: yesno
    Encircle Ltd. holds Public Liability Insurance QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited $50,000,000.
    I agree with and support the Mission Statement of Encircle Ltd: yes
    I agree and understand that as a member of Encircle Ltd. that if the company is wound up, and it is in debt, the guaranteed liability of each current member at the date of winding up shall be $10 only: yes