Mike McFillin

Finance and Risk Management Chairperson & Joint Chairpersons – Mike McFillin

As an Accountant and auditor I bring a wide range of financial and business experience to the board. I focus on working with people to achieve common goals.

I believe I bring a sense of perspective to any given situation. I wish to be a director of Encircle because for me, it is an effective and meaningful way to give back to the community. My personal values of fair play, honesty and integrity are important parts of any organizational culture. These aspects together with a desire to contribute to the community in a positive way to help others, align my values and goals with that of Encircle.

Vice Chairperson – Katherine Abberfield

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Laws and a Postgraduate Certificate in Practical Legal Training and I was admitted as a legal practitioner in 2010.

I have a long history of working in the not for profit and community sectors. I have previously worked as a native title lawyer advocating for claimant’s land rights. Prior to this I worked as a disability support worker, supporting adults with an intellectual disability to access community services.

I believe that my work history demonstrates that I share the same values as Encircle. I am committed to effecting social justice in our community, particularly for those community members who are vulnerable or marginalised. I believe that my experience and principles provide me with a strong capacity to make a valuable contribution to the Encircle Board.

Laurelle Muir

Secretary & Joint Chairpersons – Laurelle Muir

I have been involved with the organisation since 2008 when I became a member of the Management Committee of the Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre.

I have continued my involvement at that level as a Director of Enciircle Ltd and have been Secretary of the Board for the past two years. I have also just been asked to Chair the Business Development Committee.

I have lived in Pine Rivers since 1983 and my original involvement with the organisation was motivated by a strong sense of wanting to give something back to the area. In my professional life, I am a social planner.

I have worked in local government (including Pine Rivers Shire Council) for thirty years and have managed community development, social planning and community engagement teams.

As a Board Member, I am able to apply my knowledge of working with the community sector to support the organisation and decisions made by the Board. I also bring managerial experience, strategic thinking and strong people skills.

I have a strong belief in treating people with generosity and compassion. These are values that are at the core of the work that the staff and volunteers of Encircle deliver every day and this is the key reason that I am nominating to continue to volunteer as a Board Member with Encirle.

General Directors

Jim Deutschmann

My involvement in caring for people in the community spans 55 years. I have served in executive positions on the committee that established and ran Fairhaven Retirement Village, Maryborough, Queensland. My wife and I were the pioneer house parents in a “Family Group Home” our church established in Maryborough. From 1975 to 1977 I worked as a Community Development Officer under the Australian Assistance Plan. I chaired the group who established the first After School Care program in Maryborough, was chairman of the group who started the Community Youth Support Program, and was successful in receiving a Government grant and starting the Maryborough and Harvey Bay Family Day care program.

I moved to Brisbane in 1985 to take a position as Youth Activities Coordinator organising State wide events for Churches of Christ in Queensland. This led on to becoming the Director of that department and a management roll overseeing three youth camp sites in Queensland.

From 1993-2003 I was senior Pastor of Arana Hills Church of Christ.

From 2004- 2015 I served as in a part time position with Bray Park Community Church heading up their Mercy Ministry. This position bought me in contact with the then Pine Rivers Neighbour Centre where we established the Combined Churches Care Network. I was part of the working group who started the N.I.L.S. program. I am a CAP Money coach and presently coordinate the volunteers in the garden at Encircle.

I would bring to the Committee my administration skills, my knowledge of the Pine Rivers Community and my heart for helping people in their times of need.

Cheryl Springer

Director, Springers Solar 

Cheryl was born in Brisbane and grew in the southside suburb of Annerley. She began her working life as a primary school teacher and then moved to the Pine Rivers area in 1972 where she and husband Brian Springer reared five children.  In 1987 Cheryl and Brian began a small business which they managed together for 12 years. This successful communications company in Bowen Hills primarily serviced the “fast food” industry supplying headset systems to McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks, KFC and other smaller companies.

Other corporate customers included Coles, Woolworths, Franklins, and a large number of Aged Care facilities supplying emergency nurse call systems.  Cheryl was the financial controller and HR manager of 25 staff until this business was sold to Chubb Security in 1999 and was followed by three years of consultancy to Chubb.

Subsequently, Cheryl, Brian, and eldest son, Joseph, started Springers Solar in 2002.  Springers now employs eight family members and 26 others in sales and installations of solar and batteries on and off the electricity grid and electrical sales and installations for caravan and motorhome owners.  Cheryl has been the CFO and HR Manager of 34 staff for Springers Solar for the last 16 years during which time the business has become a leader in the local business community and well-respected company within the solar industry.

Cheryl has also been focused on the local business community by being involved in the Moreton Bay Regional Council business development events and workshops and with her involvement with the Pine Rivers Chamber of Commerce where she has been the President since 2011.

Crystal McKendrick

Crystal McKendrick

I am a Human Services graduate, current Queensland Government Employee and a future Queensland Government Policy Futures Graduate Program Participant. I am also the first within my family to go to university, and up until my current role there had only ever been one other time in my life, that I had not been multi-generation welfare dependent.

Due to my personal experience, I am passionate about personal development, breaking the cycle of disadvantage for myself and my family, and helping other young people to development and learn how to achieve the same for themselves. Being provided the opportunity to nominate for the Encircle Board has already been a great privilege. This is due to the opportunity it presents for being part of the strategic direction of a community organisation that is helping current and future generations break their cycle of disadvantage.

I aim to strengthen the leadership of the Encircle Board by utilising my personal, professional and academic knowledge and experience and most importantly, by being a representative voice for young people.

Coral Gilbert

Coral Gilbert

My affiliation with Encircle began as I contract managed several of Encircle services whilst I was employed by the State Government.

Since that time I have worked in the Department of Housing and Public Works as a Contract Officer and more recently as the Business Development Manager of Laurel Place Inc. Services against Sexual Violence. Currently I am the Manager of the Sunshine Coast Family Contact Centre Association Inc. which has three Federal Government service agreements to deliver services from Moreton Bay South through to Bundaberg.

My work history includes decades in human services work including frontline domestic violence, rape and incest counselling, youth homelessness and student support. I lived, worked and studied in the United States and supported student learning through experiential education experiences where I matched student learning outcomes with non-government services’ needs.

I have a vast knowledge of the non-Government sector in South-East Queensland with specialist skills in procurement and compliance. My experience in the sector also includes Human Resource Management and a thorough understanding of the sector’s contemporary policies and procedures.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Queensland and a Master of Arts degree from Northwestern University. My studies focussed on Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature.

My passion is to deliver quality human services ethically and transparently. My career aspiration is to establish an incubator of students and volunteers to establish new ways of building the capacity of communities to meet their desired goals.