Encircle’s Riverstop Community Café is now open.

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Meals are cooked by trained volunteers, under the direction of our Café supervisors Steph and Amazon. Ingredients are sourced on-site from the community garden, and local suppliers.

A purpose built playground is just meters away from the cafe’s southern dining area, which is perfect for parents looking to unwind with a cup of coffee as their children play in complete safety, and under their supervision.

The café is open Monday to Friday 8am til 2.30pm, with an all new menu (Breakfast and Lunch).

Options for gluten free and vegetarians.

The Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre is located at 865 Gympie Road, on the Strathpine side of Wyllie bridge.

Contact the centre at 3889 0063 or café@encircle.org.au

Riverstop Cafe Menu

Our proceeds go to help fund programs that support domestic violence victims, provide adult literacy education, family counselling, young parents programs, homeless outreach, and more.

We also cater for events

see catering menu here