Supporting the community of Pine Rivers with a wide range of information, services and activities.

Services provided at Encircle Pine Rivers include

Community Information and Referral

We provide information by phone, email or in person about support services that are available at the Neighbourhood Centres and in the Pine Rivers community.

These include government and health services, sporting and social clubs, support groups, educational courses, community activities and events, other local agencies and support services. This may include referral or advocacy to services for emergency relief, counselling (including financial counselling), homelessness, family support and our community legal service.

Community Development

Working in collaboration with other networks in the Pine Rivers community to bring about social change.

Adult Literacy

One on one tutoring for adults who require support to improve their reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Tutoring is offered in a relaxed, friendly and support environment by fully trained volunteer tutors.

Conversational English Group

A friendly and relaxed group that supports individuals to improve their English-speaking skills.

Community Meeting Spaces

Encircle Pine Rivers encourages people to meet and interact, organise and carry out enjoyable activities at our Neighbourhood Centre and seven Moreton Bay Regional Council Community Centres.

Community spaces include: large and small halls as well as meeting rooms. Please phone us to discuss your venue/activity requirements. A Community Centres brochure is available for more information.


Encircle Homestay Program is an early intervention service providing support to individuals / families to sustain new or existing tenancies.

Homestay supports individuals / families at risk of homelessness to maintain independent housing providing advice, advocacy and information, and support to access long term sustainable housing, so they can have the stability needed to experience wellbeing, dignity and security. See: Housing Assistance.

Homeless Access Outreach Program

Encircle’s Homeless Outreach Assistance Program (HOAP) provides support to individuals / families experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in the Moreton Bay region.

HOAP assists people to navigate pathways to access accommodation or housing by providing a brief intervention of support through advice and information, advocacy, and practical support. See: Housing Assistance.

Service Integration Initiative – Regional Care Coordination

Encircle auspice the Service Integration Care Coordinator Facilitator in the Moreton Bay region.

This role is responsible for providing place-based support to the existing care coordination and networking groups across Moreton Bay, with a specific focus on enhancing person-centred care coordination for people with multiple needs that are homeless, or at risk of homelessness. See: Housing Assistance.

Family Support

The Family Support Program at Encircle Pine Rivers provides early intervention support to families to make changes and develop insight in the areas of parenting, family relationships, and children’s needs and development.

Family Support assists families who may have been impacted by mental health issues, relationship breakdown, social isolation, or experiences of emotional or physical trauma to improve child and family wellbeing. See: Family Support.


For individuals, children, couples and families who want to explore personal issues.

This can involve dealing with a stressful situation, relationship and family difficulties, or working through life’s challenges. The organisation has qualified, experienced counsellors delivering Family Therapy, Specialised Family Violence Counselling and Generalist Counselling. See: Counselling.


Encircle Pine Rivers

865 Gympie Road, Lawnton, Qld 4501

Encircle Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre is open Monday to Friday, 9:00AM – 3:00PM

Encircle Pine Rivers

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