Brisbane housing assistance: If you’re experiencing problems with homelessness, tenancy, or related housing issues, we can help.

We provide and administer a number of Brisbane housing assistance programs. Read more about Homestay, Older persons action program, Homeless outreach access program, and much more on this page.


Encircle Homestay Program is an early intervention service providing support to individuals / families to sustain new or existing tenancies.

Homestay supports individuals / families at risk of homelessness to maintain independent housing providing advice, advocacy and information, and support to access long term sustainable housing, so they can have the stability needed to experience wellbeing, dignity and security.

Homestay Case Managers are skilled and qualified at supporting individuals / families to recognise that they are the expert in their own life, learn to identify their strengths and resilience through life experiences, and develop resources that can help achieve identified goals.

After an initial interview a case plan is developed between the individual / family and their Homestay Case Manager to address the barriers, challenges or underlying issues a person may be experiencing that is impacting on their ability to manage their tenancy.  Regular engagement and active contribution by individuals / families enable them to complete the actions required to achieve their goals and sustain their tenancy.

Barriers to sustaining tenancies that Encircle Homestay can assist with:

  • Tenancy rights and responsibilities
  • Property maintenance issues
  • Managing daily household maintenance and living tasks
  • Domestic and Family Violence
  • Physical and/or Mental Health concerns
  • Neighbourhood dispute
  • Issues arising from substance use
  • Financial hardship / budgeting issues
  • Loss and or reduction of income
  • Concerns with gambling
  • Rent (or mortgage) stress

Homestay is open to those individuals / families who are currently housed in a tenancy, whether that is a private rental through a real estate or landlord, a community housing provider or social housing.

Potential clients may have a notice to remedy breach (ntrb) – may have received a notice to leave (ntl) and has the potential for the tenancy to be sustained.

Unfortunately, homestay are unable to support individuals / families who have been issued with a warrant of possession (wop) or those looking for a new tenancy.

If you are unsure, please reach out to the homestay team.

  • Self-referrals
  • Support service / organisational referrals
  • Housing Providers / Real Estate / Landlords

Links & helpful information

Brisbane housing assistance & tenancy information and resources

Domestic violence

Department of Housing

Public and community housing: Queensland Government

  • Chermside Housing Service Centre
    Level 3, 18 Banfield Street, Chermside
    07 3917 4600
  • Fortitude Valley Housing Service Centre
    Level 7, Green Square North Tower, 515 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley
    (07) 3034 6500
  • Moreton Bay Housing Service Centre
    Level 5, Caboolture Square Shopping Centre, King Street, Caboolture
    07 5432 0700


Homeless Outreach Access Program (HOAP)

Encircle’s Homeless Outreach Access Program (HOAP) provides support to individuals / families experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in the Moreton Bay region.

HOAP assists people to navigate pathways to access accommodation or housing by providing a brief intervention of support through advice and information, advocacy, and practical support.

Barriers to accessing housing include:

  • TICA listings
  • Difficulty understanding how to complete forms
  • Finding and accessing emergency / temporary accommodation
  • Not knowing how to apply for accommodation or housing

HOAP support includes:

  • Information on where and how to find accommodation or housing
  • Assisting to complete social or community housing application forms
  • Advocating on your behalf with services to remove barriers to accessing accommodation or housing
  • Referral to services to remove barriers
  • Centrelink / financial connection
  • Emergency relief connections
  • Referrals to specialist services

Individuals (over 18) / families experiencing homelessness in the Moreton Bay region and have barriers to accessing accommodation or housing.

Link to the Moreton Bay Homelessness Connection Form

Individuals / families experiencing homelessness can self-refer to HOAP or a service / organisation can make a referral with consents from the individual.

Please complete the Moreton Bay Homelessness Connection Form (link) and email it to:

Or call the Homeless Hotline: 1800 474 753

Service Integration Initiative – Regional Care Coordination

Encircle auspice the Service Integration Care Coordinator Facilitator in the Moreton Bay region. 

This role is responsible for providing place-based support to the existing care coordination and networking groups across Moreton Bay, with a specific focus on enhancing person-centred care coordination for people with multiple needs that are homeless, or at risk of homelessness.

The Encircle Service Integration Care Coordinator Facilitator strives to enhance engagement, collaboration and capability building opportunities in creating a more integrated and coordinated service response process.

Currently the Service Integration Care Coordinator facilitates the Moreton Bay North and Moreton Bay South Care Coordination Groups which each run fortnightly – the Moreton Bay Care Coordination Group’s are the collaboration of local support services who are working together to assist people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to access safe, suitable accommodation.

Services collaborate with the individual or family to identify any barriers that may require support and develop case plan goals that work towards improving these barriers, so the person or family are able to fulfill their own independency in housing, have a successful tenancy and improve the obstacles that impact this.

The Service Integration Care Coordinator coordinates and triages the Moreton Bay Homelessness Connection Form – a co-designed referral access point for people who are experiencing homelessness in the Moreton Bay region.  Each person is referred to the most relevant service depending on their situation and their geographical location in Moreton Bay.

Link to care coordination new presentation form and information sheet

Please send completed Moreton Bay Care Coordination New Presentation Referral Forms to:

A referral to the Moreton Bay Care Coordination Group is received via the service that is supporting the individual / family identifying that they would benefit from being supported by other services who provide specialised supports and link in for appropriate housing support and outcomes.

Consent from the individual / family is required for referral to Care Coordination as information is shared with the attending services. Housing and support goals are identifiedthe process is completely person-centred ensuring the individual / family’s needs are heard and supports are relevant to them.

Moreton Bay North Care Coordination
Caboolture Memorial Hall, 57 King Street, Caboolture

Zoom Conference Call also available
10am – 11.30am Thursdays (fortnightly)

Contact: Naomi Overton, Service Integration Care Coordinator for details and date

Moreton Bay South Care Coordination
Encircle Kallangur Neighbourhood Centre, 51 Marsden Rd, Kallangur

Zoom Conference call also available
10am – 11.30am Thursdays (fortnightly)

Contact: Naomi Overton, Service Integration Care Coordinator for details and date

Link to the Moreton Bay Homelessness Connection form:

All Homelessness Connection Forms MUST be sent (scanned/photographed and emailed) through to:   

Referral can occur at various touch points across the region, including:

  • Neighbourhood Centres – Caboolture, Bribie Island, Deception Bay, Kallangur, Pine Rivers & Redcliffe.
  • Outreach services – Homeless Outreach Program (Encircle), Caboolture Community Action, The Breakfast Club, SUSO, QuIHN Nurse Bus, After Dark Saints, other church groups and community outreach points.
  • Support Services – Salvation Army, Chameleon Housing, IFYS, YAC.
  • Local Laws and Moreton Bay Regional Council Maintenance Depts

The individual / family can choose to remain anonymous or provide full consent – this must be completed on the first page with signature / verbal consent noted.

The Moreton Bay Service Integration Regional Care Coordinator will triage according to urgency and need.

Consent allows the Service Integration Care Coordinator to explore if the person has a current Social Housing Application or is on the Queensland Homelessness Information Platform (QHIP) database.

The person will be referred to the Encircle Homeless Outreach Access Program or other appropriate services for connection, further assessments.

If the individual / family’s situation is complex a referral can be completed for the Moreton Bay Care Coordination Group which can allow for greater input of services and Case Planning.

Moreton Bay Housing & Homelessness Network Meeting

Encircle’s Service Integration Care Coordinator also chairs the monthly Moreton Bay Housing & Homelessness Network Meeting.

This is a regional network meeting for community services, housing providers and government agencies to share information and develop collaborative action to improve housing outcomes and advocate for those vulnerable to sustainable housing options.

The Network established the ‘Reconnect’ Event in Moreton Bay which has now been running for 10 years!

The Moreton Bay Housing & Homelessness Network also supports the regional workforce by offering a Communities of Practice to reflect on complex issues services are dealing with.

The Moreton Bay Housing & Homelessness Network also provides an avenue to identify housing and homelessness barriers / challenges / issues in collaboration with the Q Shelter Regional Representative to escalate to our State Government Department of Communities, Housing & Digital Economies.

To be added to the Moreton Bay Housing & Homelessness Network mailing list and receive the calendar invite please contact: